Mark Gemini Thwaite Discography


Album: ‘’Songs We Were Taught’ Vinyl/CD/Digital (01 July 2022) – Listen on Spotify [here]
Label: Purple Pyramid

1. The Sound of Silence (4:01)
2. Year of the Cat (6:47)
3. House of the Rising Sun (4:55)
4. In the Land of Grey and Pink (5:03)
5. Summer Breeze (3:57)
6. Fire and Rain (4:12)
7. The Weight (5:38)
8. Wild World (4:32)
9. It’s Too Late (4:29)
10. The Times They Are A-Changin’ (3:54)

All songs mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories Los Angeles. Produced by Billy Sherwood (YES). All star prog rock cast of musicians including Jon Davison of YES / vocals (1), Geoff Downes of ASIA / keyboards (1), David Clayton-Thomas (BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS) / vocals (3), Steve Hillage / guitar (3) Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ASIA/GUNS & ROSES)/ guitar (4) Steve Morse (DEEP PURPLE) / guitar (5), Sonja Kristina (CURVED AIR) / vocals (6), Martin Barre (JETHRO TULL) / guitar (6), Rod Argent (THE ZOMBIES) / guitar (7), Rosalie Cunningham (IPSO FACTO) / vocals, guitar (8), Patrick Moraz (MOODY BLUES)/ keyboards (8), Candice Night (BLACKMORE’S NIGHT)/ vocals (9), Dweezil Zappa / guitar (9), Martin Turner (WISHBONE ASH)/ guitar (10), Jerry Goodman (MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA/ violin (10), Rik Carter (THE MISSION, PENDRAGON) / keys (1, 3, 6,10) and more.


Artist: DMX
Single: ‘Know What I Am’ Vinyl/Digital (24 June 2022)
Label: Cleopatra records

A1 Know What I Am*
B1 Lord Give Me a Sign

A side ‘Know What I am’ co-written and produced by Mark Gemini Thwaite. 7″ Packaged in Red Vinyl. * Produced by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California.

Listen on Spotify [here]


Album: ‘Trait (deluxe edition)’ CD/Vinyl/Digital (25 Feb 2022)
Label: Cleopatra records

A1 Don’t Stand In Line
A2 Ballad
A3 Man Should Surrender
A4 Anthem
B1 I Will Refuse
B2 No Bunny
B3 Don’t Stand In Line (Dub Mix)
B4 Man Should Surrender (MGT Mix)*

The complete recordings from the short-lived side project of Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, originally released back in 1988. This deluxe expanded release includes a brand new remix of ‘I Will Surrender (MGT mix)’ by The Mission/Peter Murphy guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite. Packaged in a deluxe Gatefold Red Marble LP Vinyl. * Remixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California.

Stream/download [here]


The Gun sleeve web ready_
Single: ‘The Gun’ Digital (01 Feb 2022).
Label: Cleopatra Records
1. The Gun
2. The Gun (MGT Pistol mix)


Sophomore single by Ashley Bad (Lords of Acid). Vocals / Synth / Drum programming by Ashley Bad – Mark Gemini Thwaite: guitars/programming. Music by Ashley Bad/Mark Gemini Thwaite. Mixed & mastered by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California.
Stream/download here:



The Mission Collected sleeve art webArtist: THE MISSION

Album: ‘Collected’ 3xCD/Vinyl/Digital (09 Sep 2021).
Label: Universal Music.
Catalog no: MOCCD14095
Disc 1 – singles from 1986-1991
2-1 Shades Of Green (7” Remix)
2-2 Afterglow (7” Edit Olympic Mix) *
2-3 Raising Cain (Edit) 4:57
2-4 Swoon (Full Balloon Edit) *
2-5 Lose Myself In You (Radio Edit) *
2-6 Coming Home *
2-7 Alpha Man *
2-8 Evangeline *
2-9 Shine Like The Stars (Edit) *
2-10 Dragonfly *
2-11 Breathe Me In (Radio Edit)
2-12 Keep It In The Family (Radio Edit) *
2-13 Blush *
2-14 Draped In Red (Anfield Edit)
2-15 Swan Song (Radio Edit)
2-16 Sometimes The Brightest Light.. (Radio Edit)
2-17 Atomic Heart
2-18 Met-Amor-Phosis
2-19 Tyranny Of Secrets
Disc 3 – track 9 Afterglow (Full Length Olympic Mix) *
Mark Gemini Thwaite – guitar on tracks indicated *

Comprehensive collection of all of the Mission’s singles from their inception in 1086, featured on a super deluxe 48-track triple-CD package or limited edition 3LP vinyl set. The latter adds a bonus LP of remixes which is exclusive to this first pressing (limited to 2000 numbered copies worldwide)

Jyrki 69 – American Vampire sleeve
Artist: JYRKI69
Album: ‘American Vampire’ CD//Vinyl/Digital (2021). Label: Cleopatra Records  Catalog No: CL02490
1 SexDrugsRockN’Roll (featuring Shotgun Messiah)
2 White Rabbit (featuring Steve Stevens)
3 Dreamtime (featuring Rosetta Stone)
4 Bite It You Scum (featuring Leæther Strip)
5 American Vampire (featuring Skold)
6 Don’t You Want Me (featuring Tiffany) *
7 Decision (featuring The KVB)
8 Deviant Carousal (featuring Xiu Xiu)
9 Clover (featuring youlooktired)
10 Last Dance (featuring Not My God)
Sophomore album by Lead Vocalist for The 69 Eyes. *Track 6 with Tiffany – additional keys & mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California.


Album: ‘Remote Control’ CD//Vinyl/Digital (June 2021). Label: Cleopatra Records  Catalog No: CL02346
1. Lapdogs
2. Shiny Toys
3. The Unraveling
4. Extrapolate*
5. Sea Of Judgement
6. Seeping Through The Cracks (feat. Tim Skold)
7. Data Lama
8. Glass Houses
9. Plausible Deniability
10. Dystopian Vibe (feat. Jürgen Engler)
Debut album by Killing Joke drummer BPF. Featuring Mark Gemini Thwaite on guitars/bass/keyboards. Album mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California (except *).
SGC Oligrach sleeve
Album: ‘Oligarch’ CD//Vinyl/Digital (April 2021)
Label: Liberation London  Catalog No: Liberate 020
1 Dead Peasants
2 Cannibal Lives
3 Masquerade
4 Bang!
5 Seraphim Fall
6 Asia Divine
7 Puritan Now
8 The Gorgon And The Sow
9 Berlin Kiss
10 Death Mask Mussolini
11 Barbarossa Revisited
12 Mouth Of Hell (MGT remix) *
13 Cutter & Bone (remix)
14 Militia Babe (remix)
Featuring ‘Mouth of Hell MGT remix’ (Death Mask Mussolini remix) by MGT. Featuring Mark Gemini Thwaite on synths/beats programming, Ashley Bad additional Programming. * Mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite at Mob Research Laboratories California.


Processed with Rookie Cam

Artist: MGT
Single: ‘How Long’  Digital (02 November 2020)
Label: Cleopatra records Catalog No:
1. How Long
2. Covert
Amazon [click here] – CD/Digital
Apple Music [click here] – Digital  download
New single by Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT) with Chris Connolly on vocals (Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Murder Inc/Pigface)




AOTW Apocrypha sleeve artArtist: Ascension Of The Watchers
Album: Apocrypha (CD/Vinyl/Digital) October 2020 
Label: Dissonance Productions
1. Ghost Heart
2. The End Is Always The Beginning
3. Apocrypha
4. A Wolf Interlude
5 Honorée
6 Stormcrow
7 Cygnus Aeon
8 Key To The Cosmos
9. Bells Of Perdition
10 Wanderers *
*Wanderers – Mark Gemini Thwaite co-wrote and guitars

New album by Fear Factory frontman Burton C Bell, also featuring Jayce Lewis


Ginger Wildheart - Birthday Bash 2018
Album: ‘Birthday Bash 2018 (live)’ CD/Digital (Dec 2019). Label: Round Records  Catalog No: RRRCD013
1  How I survived the punk wars
2. Bloody Knees
3. Don’t stop loving the music
4. Perfect
5. Yeah Yeah Yeah
6. Alvarado on the 2 *
7. Endangered Species *
8. Friends of Bill *
9. Turning American
10. Liberty Cap


Album: ‘Better Being Lucky’ CD/ /Vinyl /Digital (Nov 2019)
Label: Good Deeds Music  Catalog No: GDM035
1  Feet to the Flames 3:52 *
2. Lay Down Your Cards. 4:33 *
3. Don’t Anyone Dare Give a Damn 5:17  *
4. No Thieves Among Us 3:13 *
5. Better Being Lucky 3:48
6. Bound 3:40 *
7. It’s the Little Things.. 3:31 *
8. When All of This Is Over. 4:22 *
9. The Guy with the Gift 4:53 *
10. Lets Not Pretend 4:23 *
11. Map & Direction 6:13
* Co-written by Mark Gemini Thwaite
Miles Hunt Vocals/guitar Malcolm Treece Guitars/bvs Mark Gemini Thwaite Guitars/keys Erica Nockalls Violin / Bvs Tim Sewell Bass Pete Howard Drums Mixed by Simon Efemey


Label: LiveHereNow Cat No: LHN065CD / LP
Disc 1:
1. Double Dare
2.In The Flat Field
3.A God in an Alcove
4. Dive
5.The Spy in the Cab
6.Small Talk Stinks
7.St Vitus Dance
8.Stigmata Martyr
Disc 2:
10.King Volcano
11.Kingdom’s Coming
12. Burning From the Inside
13.Silent Hedges
14.Bela Lugosi’s Dead
16.Kick In The Eye
17.The Passion of Lovers
18.The Three Shadows Pt 2
20.Telegram Sam
21.Ziggy Stardust
Recorded live at Brixton O2 Academy London 09 December 2018
Vocals: Peter Murphy  / Bass: David J /  Guitars: Mark Thwaite  / Drums: Marc Slutsky


Label: Cleopatra records  Catalog No: CLO1010
CD #9 ‘Viva Vigilante’ features bonus MGT remixes
  • ‘Hollywood Slim’ MGT remix
  • ‘Pigs to Men’ MGT remix
Additional drums & instrumentation by Mark Gemini Thwaite.
Remixes mixed & produced by Mark G.T. at Mob Research Laboratories Los Angeles


Ginger Wildheart GASS Mark II
Album: ‘G*A*S*S MARK II’ Digital (18 Sep 2018)
Label: Round records Catalog No:
1.Friends Of Bill 02:47 [click to listen]
2.King Rat 03:37
3.That’s A Nasty Habit You’ve Got There 04:37
4. Caer Urfa 04:35
5.Alvarado On The 2 05:43 [click to listen]
6.Right In The Feels 05:17
7.Petite Mort 03:32
8.Waves Of Sadness 04:30
9.Adrenalina 04:37
10.Bloody Knees 05:40
11.Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl 09:10
12. Don’t Stop Loving The Music 02:54
13.I’ll Have Another 03:16
Mark Gemini Thwaite performs lead guitar on ‘Friends of Bill’ (previously released as a 10″ limited edition vinyl single in 2016) and ‘Alvarado on the 2’.


Artist: BPF (Big Paul Ferguson)
Album: ‘Remote Viewing EP’  CD/Digital (23 Aug 2018)
Label: Dead Radio Station
– CD/Digital limited release
1.Hungry Ghosts 03:55
2.Reboot 03:34
3.The Great Motivator 04:58
4.Terrible Warriors 03:39
5.X-Box 05:28
6.I Am War 03:33
7.Zarzal 04:50
Solo album from Big Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke) featuring Mark Gemini Thwaite on guitars, additional instrumentation and mix/production. (#5 mixed by Brainshadow)
Remastered & re-released in 2022 with bonus tracks listen on Spotify [here]


Artist: MGT
Album: ‘Gemini Nyte’  CD/Digital (23 Feb 2018)
Label: Cleopatra records Catalog No: CLO0743
Amazon DE [click here] – CD/Digital
Google Play [click here] – Digital download
Sophomore album by MGT with Ashton Nyte, featuring Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke) on drums throughout, plus special guest appearance by Burton C Bell (Fear Factory) on ‘Dystopia’


MGT Assembly Line Cured MixMGT with Lol Tolhurst & Pearl Thompson
‘The Assembly Line Cured Mix’ Digital (16 Feb 2018)
Label: Cleopatra records
1. ‘The Assembly Line Cured Mix’
2. ‘All the Broken Things (Lol Tolhurst remix)’
Spotify stream [click here]
Amazon USA [click here]
Amazon UK [click here]
Amazon Germany [click here]
iTunes [click here]
MGT Bandcamp ‘Assembly Line Cured mix’

Alternate version featuring Lol Tolhurst on keyboards & Pearl Thompson on guitar (founder members of The Cure)


MGT All the Broken Things singleArtist: MGT
Single: ‘All The Broken Things’ (01 Dec 2017)
Format: Digital/MP3
1. All The Broken Things
2. All The Broken Things (Die Krupps remix)
Label: Cleopatra Catalog No:



The Mission Live at Rockpalast 1990-1995Artist: THE MISSION
DVD/CD: ‘Live at Rockpalast 1995‘ (27th April 2018)
Format: DVD / 2xCD
1. Wasteland
2. Hands Across The Ocean
3. Sway
4. Into The Blue
5. Heaven Knows
6. Like A Child
7. Swoon
8. Beyond The Pale
9. Deliverance
10. Tower Of Strength

Wayne Hussey – vocals/guitar, Mick Brown: drums, Mark Gemini Thwaite : Guitar  Andy Cousin: bass, Rik Carter: keyboards on 1995 recording
Label: M. i. G. – music Catalog No: MIG90802

Listen on Spotify [here]


The Mission - For Ever More LiveArtist: THE MISSION
Box Set: “For Ever More – Live at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2008” (30th March 2018)
Format: 5 x Audio CD/MP3
Disc 1. The First Chapter album (27 Feb 2008)
Disc 2.  God’s Own Medicine album (28 Feb 2008)
Disc 3. Children Album (29 Feb 2008)
Disc 4. Carved in Sand album (1st March 2008)
Disc 5. Bonus Tracks – 1st March 2008

Wayne Hussey: vocals/guitar, Mark Gemini Thwaite : Guitar Richard Vernon: Bass guitar Steve Spring: Drums – also featuring Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls
Label: Cherry Red records Catalog No: CRCDBOX51

Listen on Spotify [here]


Primitive Race 'Soul Pretender'Artist: PRIMTIVE RACE
Album: ‘Soul Pretender” (03 Nov 2017)
Format: CD/MP3/Vinyl
1. Row House
2. Cry Out
3 Cranial Matter
4. Take It All
5. Bed Six
6. Stepping Stone
7. Turn It Up
8. Soul Pretender
9 Nothing To Behold
10 Dancing On The Sun

Vocals: Chuck Mosley (formerly of FAITH NO MORE) Drums: Dale Crover (MELVINS) Guitars: Mark Gemini Thwaite (PETER MURPHY/MGT) Synths: Erie Loch Bass: Chris Kniker
Label: Metropolis CATALOG NO: MET 1078

Listen on Amazon Music [here]


Ginger Wildheart - 'Friends Of Bill' sawblade vinylArtist: Ginger Wildheart
Single: ‘Friends of Bill’ (16th April 2016)
Format: Limited Edition Silver Sawblade 10″ vinyl
1. Friends of Bill* [listen]
2.  Bloody Knees
3. That’s a Nasty Habit You Got There
4. Petit Mort
Limited edition issued for Record Store Day 2016
Widely pre-advertised as “From G*A*S*S* With Love – The Ones That Got Away”
Mark Gemini Thwaite : Guitars on *
Label: Round Records Catalog No: ROUNDSAW1



mgtvolumes_smlArtist: MGT
Album: ‘Volumes” (24 June 2016)
Format: Digipak CD/MP3 Catalog No: SPV269942CD

Debut solo album by Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT)
1. ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ (w.Ville Valo of HIM)
2. ‘You Cant Go Back’ (w.Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff)
3. ‘The Reaping’ (w.Ashton Nyte of The Awakening)
4. ‘Another Snake In The Grass’ (w.Wayne Hussey of The Mission)
5. ‘It Won’t Take You Long’ (w.Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff)
6. ‘Sweet Valentine’ (w. Carlo Van Putten of Dead Guitars)
7. ’Star Struck Eyes’ (w.Julianne Regan of All About Eve)
8. ‘Jesamine (Poetry & Ice)’ (w.Ashton Nyte of The Awakening)
9. ‘Seconds’ (Human League cover -w. Saffron of Republica)
10. ‘Another Day Back’ (w.Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls)
11. ‘Coming Clean’ (w.Raymond Watts of PIG)
12. ‘Drive And Forget’ (w. Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders)
13. ‘Black Heart’ (w. Erica Nockalls)
14. ‘Dark Storm’ (w.Andi of Sex Gang Children)
Label: SPV/Oblivion   click here to stream or download



PIG 'The Gospel' album (2016)Artist: PIG
Album: ‘The Gospel” (09 Sep 2016)
Format: CD/Vinyl/MP3

1 The Diamond Sinners
2 Found in Filth *
3 Toleration or Truth *
4 Drugzilla
5 Missing the Mainline *
6 Viva Evil
7 Saturated
8 The Fly Upon the Pin *
9 I’m So Wrong *
10 Mercy Murder *
11 Make Yourself Deny *

*Songs co-written with & guitars by Mark Gemini Thwaite.
Label: Metropolis CATALOG NO: MET1040

Listen on Spotify [here]

MGT-KMKY single sleeveArtist: MGT with Ville Valo of HIM
Single: ‘Knowing Me Knowing You” (15 April 2016)
Format: MP3  -Cover of the 1977 ABBA classic, including bonus trance remix by YOUTH of Killing Joke. Music recorded/performed by Mark Gemini Thwaite, vocals by Ville Valo, additional keyboards by Rik Carter, mixed by Tim Palmer. Taken from the MGT album ‘Volumes’ released 24th June 2016.

Click here for official video

Label: SPV/Oblivion   click here to stream or download

Ginger_yotfc_CDArtist: GINGER WILDHEART
Album: ‘Year of the Fan Club” (12 February 2016)
Format: CD/MP3  -Frontman for UK band The Wildhearts. His latest solo CD represents a snapshot of tracks produced for G.A.S.S. with a track listing personally chosen by Ginger. 12 original songs including a duet with Courtney Love on ‘Honour’ plus ‘No One Smiled at Me Today’ featuring MGT on lead guitars. The Japanese edition includes bonus track ‘Friends of Bill’ also featuring MGT on guitars.

Label: Round Round Records  Amazon link [here]

Listen on Spotify [here]

RickyW_whenPatsyCDArtist: RICKY WARWICK
Album: ‘When Patsy Cline Was Crazy” (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)’  (25 Feb 2016)
Format: 2xCD   MarkGT recorded guitars on ‘Toffee Town’ [listen on Spotify]
Other appearances include Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders), Ginger (The Wildhearts) and Andy Cairns of Therapy? plus more.

Label: Nuclear Blast   Amazon link [here]

Bluemax (1997)



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Digital: ‘Bluemax’ (album: 11th August 2015)
Format: Digital/MP3 Listen on Spotify [here]
01. Long Way To Go
02. Headroom
03. Suicide Ballad
04. Superstar * (Carpenters Cover featuring Julianne Regan)
05. Freefalling
06. She’s So..
07. Backseat of a Car
08. Spinning the Carousel
09. Sixty Five
10. Delaney
MarkGT: Guitars on all songs. all songs written by Thwaite/Scullion except *
Label: Emission Records
Primitive Race CD cover


CD/Download links

CD/digital: ‘Primitive Race’  (7th August 2015)
Format: CD/MP3. Listen on Spotify [here]
01. So Strange
02. Follow The Leader *
03. Acceptance of Reality *
04. Addict Now *
05. Cage Rattler *
06. Give Up The Ghost *
07. Taking Things Back
08. Platinum Balls *
09. Seeing Right Through It All
10. DJFH
11.Below Zero *
Mark Gemini Thwaite. : Guitars /Programming/Mixing credits on *
Label: Metropolis CATALOG NO: MET989
PIG vs PR long in tooth cover art march 2015CD/Download links Artist: <PIG> VS PRIMITIVE RACE
CD EP: ‘Long in the Tooth’ EP CD  (9th June 2015)
Format: CD/MP3.
01. Long In the Tooth
02. Long In the Tooth (Praga Khan Mix)
03. Long Live Death * [listen]
04. Come For Deutchland
*Mark Gemini Thwaite. recorded guitars on 03
Label: Metropolis CATALOG NO: MET981
bsr_killerinstinctCD/Download links Artist: BLACK STAR RIDERS
Album: ‘The Killer Instinct’ 2 CD Deluxe edition (24 February 2015)
Format: CD/MP3. Hardback mediabook with 6 bonus tracks.

3.The Killer Instinct (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

4. Blindsided (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

5. Charlie I Gotta Go (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

6. Finest Hour (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

Mark Gemini Thwaite. recorded and mixed acoustic bonus tracks on bonus CD 2 plus strings/keyboards on ‘Blindsided (Acoustic version’)

Listen on Spotify [here]
Label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment ASIN: B00QWTPJYK

New Disease deluxe front web small

Album: ‘Patent Life’ Deluxe 2xCD edition (16 February 2015)

Listen on Spotify [here]

02. In Vitro
03. Hold On
04. Used
05. Sayonara
06. Spirit Guide
07. Song Of One Word
08. Plainfield
09. Patent Life
10. Like Rain
11. Angel Without Wings
12. Black And Blue
13. Everchange
14. Judas Awakened
15. ObsidianDisc 2 01. Dirty Blood (Reprise)
02. We Are Everything
03. Ascend
04. Echo Of You
05. Paperchains
06. Stinking City
07. That’s OK
08. Drowning
09. Blood Money
10. Tell Me Why
11. Obsidian (Acoustic)                    Amazon CD/MP3 linkall songs by Jacob Lee Bane/Mark Thwaite Label: Armalyte (United Kingdom)  Cat NoARMCD022


1stairwell-troubadour-sleeveArtist: RICKY WARWICK
Format: CD  ‘Stairwell Troubadour’ (2015)
Mark Gemini Thwaite. performs all guitars on ‘Wrathchild’ (Iron Maiden cover) – listen [here]

Label: Pledge Music

Peter Murphy Mr Moonlight live DVD Artist: PETER MURPHY
Live DVD: ‘Mr.Moonlight Tour – 35 Years of Bauhaus’ (November 2014)
Format: DVD / Limited edition live CD1. King Volcano
2. Kingdom’s Coming
3. Double Dare
4. In The Flat Field
5. God In An Alcove
6. Boys
7. Hedges
8. Endless Summer of the Damned
9. A Spy In The Cab
10. Strange Kind Of Love
11. Bela Lugosi
12. The Passion of Lovers
13. Stigmata Martyr
14. Dark Entries
15. Severance
16. Hollow Hills
17. Spirit
18. Telegram Sam
19. Ziggy StardustPeter Murphy: vocals and guitar – Mark Gemini Thwaite: electric and 12 string guitars – Emilio DiZefalo-China – bass and violin – drums – Nick LuceroLabel: Nettwerk Music
Catalog Number:
0 6700 30950 20     Buy on Amazon USA
Album: ‘EN2’ (24 November 2014)
Format: CD digipak01. Weight Of The Nation *
02. Yours Still Stinks *
03. Blatherskites
04. Arrows + Gods *
05. 64 Backwards Teeth *
06. 5 Star Review07. Universe (We Send Out Conduits)
08. Freight
09. The Partition
10. Whatever Makes Your Heart Beat *
11. Second Hand Black HoleMarkGT recorded guitars and some additional beats and programming on *Label: Self Release (initial 1000 CD pressing)
petermurphy_lion Artist: PETER MURPHY
Album: ‘Lion’ (Limited edition 2xCD) (June 3, 2014)Format: CD/MP3


Mark Gemini Thwaite performed as live guitarist on Disc 2 (recorded live at Henry Fonda Theatre Hollywood California June 2013).

Disc: 2
1. Double Dare
2. In the Flat Field
3. A God In An Alcove
4. Silent Hedges
5. The Spy in the Cab
6. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
7. The Passion of Lovers
8. Stigmata Martyr
9. Hollow Hills
10. Spirit

Label: Nettwerk Music  ASIN: B00J3FORJ8  Amazon USA link

Sex Gang Children - Viva Vigilante Artist: SEX GANG CHILDREN
CD album/MP3: ‘Viva Vigilante’ (Sep 2013)
1. Hollywood Slim
2. Religion Free Zone
3. Conversation
4. Salamun Child
5. The Messenger
6. Bleed England
7. Sunset of Crow
8. All American Heart
9. Genocide Trend
10.Death Squad Diva (mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite)
11.Die Traube
13.Pigs to MenLabel:
Catalogue Number: ASIN B00CMV1UQSCD/MP3 / download link
Imperative Reaction_Siphon Artist: IMPERATIVE REACTION
CD album/MP3: ‘Siphon’ May 2013)01. Siphon (Cut The Rope Mix) by Blaqk Audio
02. Side Effect (Club Edit)
03. Song of The Martyr (Mick Kenney Remix)
04. Side Effect (Sumin’ For The Huniez Mix)
05. Time Doesn’t Care (Mercury Lust Remix)
06. Siphon (Continues Remix)
07. Song of The Martyr (Vexxed Remix) by Mark Thwaite
08. Siphon (Demo)
09. Song of The Martyr (Demo)Label: BandCamp
Catalogue Number:IR order/ download link (click here)
inertia_lies_ep Artist: INERTIA
CD album/MP3: ‘LIES’ EP  (2013)1. Lies (S.O.P.H.I.E Mix) 05:23
2. Lies (Panic Lift Mix) 04:48
3. Streaming (Mark Gemini Thwaite Mix) 05:34
4. Lies (Komor Kommando Mix) 03:37
5. Blind (Angelspit Mix) 04:30
6. Lies (Ionnokz Mix) 05:35
7. Streaming (Cortext Defect Mix) 05:28Label: Metropolis records
Catalogue Number: Metropolis download link (click here)
Imminent Room Artist: ERICA NOCKALLS
CD album/MP3: ‘Imminent Room’ (November 2012)Track: ‘I Am Me, This Is Now’ (featuring Wayne Hussey/Mark Gemini Thwaite)Debut solo album by The WonderStuff’ fiddle player Erica Nockalls. Featured artists include Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Mark Gemini Thwaite (ex Mission/Peter Murphy band), Jeff Walker (of Carcass), Miles Hunt and Fuzz Townshend (of The Wonderstuff).Label: Independent Records Catalog No:IR order/ download link (click here)
the mission silver blu ray Artist: THE MISSION
Live DVD Blu Ray – Two-disc set (2 BDs) (12 October 2012)Video
Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 1080/50i


English: Dolby Digital 2.0 (448 kbps)
English: Dolby Digital 5.1 (448 kbps)
MarkGT guests on guitar on encores ‘Blood Brother’ and ‘1969’. recorded at sold out Brixton Academy show in 2011.

Label: Echozone

CD album/MP3: ‘Stiff Middle Finger (22 October 2012)1. Occupy (lead guitar by MarkGT)
2. Planetary Revolution (lead guitar by MarkGT)

3. Wall Street
4. Junky Stripper
5. A Drink To All My Friends
6. 2012
7. Tear
8. Sparkle Baby
9. Rubicon
10. Light Your BonfiresNew album from Mob Research frontman Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul – SMF also features guest guitar players – John Ricco (former Warrior Soul guitarist) and Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission/Mob Research/Peter Murphy).Label: Livewire/Cargo records
Catalogue Number: LW032-2Cargo download link (click here)
Noizee - LOUD! Artist: NOIZEE
CD album/MP3: ‘LOUD!’ (June 2012)Track: ‘Batshit Crazy (Mob Research Broadmoor remix)’ (MarkGT Remix)Additional drum/synth programming and guitars on ‘Batshit Crazy’ remix by MGT. Featured on the CD album ‘LOUD!’. Mixed by MGT at Mob Research Laboratories, Los Angeles USA Label: Band Camp
Catalogue Number: NA            MP3 album download link (click here)
March Violets - White label Artist: THE MARCH VIOLETS
CD/MP3: ‘Tokyo Flow/Dandelion King’ (MarkGT Remix) (May 2012)Track: ‘Dandelion King’ (MarkGT Remix)Additional drum/synth programming and guitars on ‘The Danelion King’ remix by MarkGT. Mixed by MGT at Mob Research Laboratories, Los Angeles USAAvailable as digital download or on limited edition ‘Made Glorious’ 2 x CD setLabel: Digital White Label   Soundcloud download link
Mob Research: Motormouth EP Artist: MOB RESEARCH
Album: ‘MOTORMOUTH EP’ (18 May 2012)CD/ MP3 digital download1. Motormouth
2. Another Dead Day in Paradise
3. In The Atmosphere (Feat. FRANZ TREICHLER of YOUNG GODS)
4. Holy City Zoo AWOL MMXII RMX by MGT
5. Motormouth: [DE:AD:CIBEL] remix
6. Motormouth: IMPERATIVE REACTION remix
7. Motormouth: AESTHETIC PERFECTION remix
8. Motormouth: HANNIBAL remix
9. Another Dead Day in Paradise: INERTIA remixTracks 1-4 mixed and produced by Mark Gemini Thwaite
all songs by Clarke//Thwaite except 3: Raven/Thwaite/Treichler- Bob-Media Music PublishingLabel: Echozone/Bob-Media (GmBh)Catalogue Number: EZ12C1015        [CLICK HERE] for Amazon CD/MP3 link
CD/MP3 EP: ‘The Devil’s In The Details EP’ (April 2011)Track: ‘The Bitter Years (Metalmorphosis Remix By Mark G. Thwaite)’Additional drum/synth programming and guitars by MGT. Mixed by MGT at Mob Research Laboratories, Los Angeles USA Label: Metropolis
Catalogue Number: Limited Edition (discogs link)iTunes download link
Seesaw Sway Artist: PETER MURPHY
Album: ‘The Secret Bees of Ninth’ (12 October 2011)
Format: CD/MP31. Gaslit
2. Rose Hunter *
3. Good Works
4. Secret
5. Secret Silk Society (Full Version)
6. Seesaw Swayall songs by Murphy/Baron except * Murphy/Thwaite
MGT performed as guitarist and co-wrote * on albumLabel: Nettwerk Music
Catalogue Number:
0 6700 30950 20       Amazon USA – download link
Ninth (2001) Artist: PETER MURPHY
Album: ‘Ninth’ (07 June 2011)
Format: CD/MP3/12″ vinyl1. ‘Velocity Bird’
2. ‘See Saw Sway’
3. ‘Peace to Each’
4. ‘I Spit Roses’
5. ‘Never Fall Out’
6. ‘Memory Go’
7. ‘The Prince & Old Lady Shade’
8. ‘Uneven & Brittle’ *
9. ‘Slowdown’
10.’Secret Silk Society’
11.’Creme de la Créme’all songs by Murphy/Baron except * Murphy/Thwaite
MGT performed as guitarist and co-wrote * on album (discog: click here)Label: Nettwerk Music records
Catalogue Number:
0 6700 30925 24
Amazon UK – download link     Amazon USA – download link   iTunes
Seesaw Sway Artist: PETER MURPHY
Single: ‘Seesaw Sway’ (24 May 2011)1. Seesaw SwayLabel: Nettwerk Music records
Amazon UK – EP download link      Amazon USA – EP       iTunes
I Spit Roses EP Artist: PETER MURPHY
Album: ‘I Spit Roses EP’ (22 March 2011)1. ‘I Spit Roses’
2. ‘The Prince & Old Lady Shade’Label: Nettwerk Music records
Amazon UK – EP download link     Amazon USA – EP download link    iTunes
Peter Murphy: Transmission Artist: PETER MURPHY
Album: ‘Secret Covers’ (29 September 2009)1. ‘Transmission’ (live at Highline Ballroom NYC 2009)Label: Huuvola Music             [download on iTunes]
Its Always Christmas Time Artist: AL JOURGENSEN
EP: ‘Alien Christmas’ (14 December 2010)01. “It’s Always Christmas Time”
(music/lyrics by Jourgensen/Thwaite)
2. Voices In My Head
3. Walkie Talkievocals/keys: Al Jourgensen
guitars (tracks 1,2,3): Mark Thwaite
Drum Programming: Sammy D’Ambruoso
bass: Tony Campos (tracks 2 & 3)
guitars: Mike Scaccia (tracks 2 & 3)[Download on iTunes]
[CLICK HERE to download on Amazon] Label: Thirteenth Planet
Its Always Christmas Time Artist: AL JOURGENSEN & MARK THWAITE
Single: ‘It’s Always Christmas Time’ (15 November 2009)01. “It’s Always Christmas Time”
(music/lyrics by Jourgensen/Thwaite)
02. “What a Wonderful World’ (acoustic mix)vocals/keys: Al Jourgensen
guitars/bass/programming: Mark Thwaite
Drum Programming: Sammy D’Ambruoso[CLICK HERE to download on iTunes]
[CLICK HERE to download on Amazon] Label: Thirteenth Planet
Voices In My Head
Single: ‘Voices in my Head’ (13 April 2010)01. “Voices in my Head”(music/lyrics by Jourgensen & Thwaite/Scaccia/Campos)vocals: Alien Jourgensen
guitars: Mark Thwaite
Guitar: Mike Scaccia
Bass: Tony Campos
Programming: Sammy D’Ambruoso
[Download on Amazon] Label: Thirteenth Planet
The Mission: Dum-Dum Bullet  
Album: ‘DUM-DUM BULLET’  CD album : JUNE 20101. It Don’t Matter Anymore Anyhow
2. Refugee (previously released on the ‘Keep it in the Family’ EP)
3. Room 22 (new song)
4. Chelsea Blue (previously only available digitally with ‘Blush’ single release)
5. Acoustic Blush (previously only available digitally with ‘Blush’ single)
6. Thine (previously only available digitally in Europe with ‘Blush’ single)
7. So Many Things (new song)
8. Still Deep Waters (instrumental – previously unreleased)
9. Katya’s Lullaby (new song – Wayne Hussey demo)
10. Aquarius & Gemini (a cappella, previously unreleased)
11. The Earth You Walk Upon (new song)
12. Stranger In A Foreign Land – (new song, Wayne Hussey demo)
13. Blush Remodel (previously only available with ‘Blush’ single release)
14. Dumb (Dambusters 617 Squadron mix by Mark Gemini Thwaite) *
[click for video]MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on various tracks
MarkGT mixed and produced Dumb remix (*)
Label: SPV Oblivion(Europe), Eyes Wide Shut recordings (UK)
Catalogue number: SPV 306642 CD[CLICK HERE for Amazon CD/download]


iTunes [click here] [click here]
Spotify [click here]

Album: ‘HOLY CITY ZOO’ (25 May 2009)1. Tribe [click for video]
2. Holy City Zoo
3. New Paradigm
4. Wambulance
5. Manufactured Terror
6. Skull And Bones
7. This One’s For You
8. Sky God Worshippers
9. The New Religion
10. Atmosphere
Bonus Remixes:
11. Tribe (SinDaddy Blueblood Warpaint Remix) – [click for video]
12. Wambulance (Terminator Remix)
13. Holy City Zoo (Elektrofish Remix)
14. This One’s For You (Programmist Remix)
15. Tribe (Electrofish Akanoid Mix)
16. Manufactured Terror (DJ Rob Sanctuary Radio Remix)
17. Skull And Bones (SinDaddy 322 Cubed Remix) – [click for video]Vocals: Kory Clarke
Guitars/Programming: Mark Thwaite     Bass: Paul Raven
Drums: Nick Lucero    [click here for more discog info]Executive production by Tim Palmer & Mark Gemini Thwaite
all songs by Clarke/Raven/Thwaite – Bob-Media Music Publishing    Label: Echozone/Bob-Media/Sony Music (GmBh)
/ Code 7 (UK), Rock Inc / Supersounds / Muzikvertrieb
Catalogue Number: BM09C234 
Mission: The First Chapter Live Artist: THE MISSION
Album: The First Chapter: Live (February 2009)1. Tomorrow Never Knows
2. Serpents Kiss
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. Naked And Savage
5. Garden Of Delight
6. Afterglow
7. Wishing Well
8. Wake (Rsv)
9. The Crystal Ocean
10. Like A Hurricane
11. 1969
12. Dancing Barefoot
13. Beyond The Pale
14. Shelter From The StormRecorded live at London Shepherds Bush Empire, UK
on 27 February 2008  Label: Goth Collector’s Series ASIN: B001PKVDGE
MarkGT Performed on all tracks    [CLICK HERE for Amazon]
Mission: Gods Own Medicine Live Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: God’s Own Medicine – Live (February 2009)1. Wasteland
2. Bridges Burning
3. And The Dance Goes Own
4. Grip Of Disease
5. Dance On Glass
6. Stay With Me
7. Island In A Stream
8. Love Me To Death
9. Severina
10. Let Sleeping Dogs Die
11. Blood Brother
12. Deliverance
13. Garden Of Delight
14. Evangeline
15. SacriliegeRecorded live at London Shepherds Bush Empire, UK
28 February 2008Label: Goth Collector’s Series ASIN: B001PKVDGO
MarkGT Performed on all tracks   [CLICK HERE for Amazon]
Mission: Children Live Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: Children: Live (February 2009)1. Beyond The Pale
2. A Wing And A Prayer
3. Fabienne
4. Divided We Fall
5. Heat
6. Heaven On Earth
7. Dream On [click for video]
8. Like A Child Again
9. Child S Play
10. Hymn (For America)
11. Forevermore
12. Black Mountain Mist
13. Breathe
14. Kingdom Come
15. Tower Of StrengthRecorded live at London Shepherds Bush Empire, UK
29 February 2008  Label: Goth Collector’s Series ASIN: B001PMRKBO
MarkGT Performed on all tracks   [CLICK HERE for Amazon]
Mission: Carved in Sand Live Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: Carved In Sand: Live (February 2009)1. Amelia
2. Hands Across The Ocean
3. Into The Blue
4. Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moon Tonight_
5. Butterfly On A Wheel [click for video]
6. Sea Of Love
7. Grapes Of Wrath/Lovely
8. Bird Of Passage [click for video]
9. Belief
10. Hungry As The Hunter
11. Deliverance [click for video]
12. Like A Child Again
13. Mr Pleasant
14. Serpent S Kiss
15. WastelandRecorded live at London Shepherds Bush Empire, UK
1st March 2008   Label: Goth Collector’s Series   ASIN: B001PMRKBY
MarkGT Performed on all tracks   [CLICK HERE for Amazon]
LIve & Last Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: ‘LIVE & LAST ’  Double CD album (March 2009)1. Like A Hurricane
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Bridges Burning
4. Dance On Glass
5. Stay With Me
6. Island In A Stream
7. Love Me To Death
8. Dream On
9. Fabienne
10. Severina
11. Wake (RSV)
12. Forevermore
13. 1969
14. Shelter From The Storm
15. Tower Of StrengthBONUS DISC:Interview with Wayne Hussey and Janice Long (25 minutes) + Live Tracks:1. Butterfly on a Wheel
2. Naked and Savage
3. Hungry as the Hunter
4. Serpents KissMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on live recordings
Label: Eyes Wide Shut recordings (UK)      Cat number: EWSR009
The Final Chapter Artist: THE MISSION:DVD: ‘The Final Chapter ’ – Label: SPV (February 2009) Debuted in UK BBC DVD charts at #6 Live final performances of the band recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire UK in Feb/March 2008 plus interviews and on the road / rehearsal footage featuring the band & MarkGT.Disc One   1. Amelia
2. Hands Across The Ocean
3. Into The Blue
4. Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moon Tonight)
5. Butterfly On A Wheel
6. Sea Of Love
7. Grapes Of Wrath/Lovely
8. Bird Of Passage
9. Belief
10. Hungry As The Hunter
11. Deliverance
12. Like A Child Again
13. Mr PleasantDisc Two  1. Like A Hurricane
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Bridges Burning
4. Dance On Glass
5. Stay With Me
6. Island In A Stream
7. Love Me To Death
8. Dream On
9. Afterglow
10. Fabienne
11. Severina
12. Wake (rsv)
13. Forevermore
14. 1969
15. Shelter From The Storm
16. Tower Of StrengthDisc Three (Bonus)               Label:  SPV (Germany)
RevCo - Got Mixxx Artist: REVCO
Album: ‘Got Mixx!(01 February 2011)1. Trojan Horse – sell your cars mixx
2. Filthy Senoritas – pay me now mixx (featuring Mark Thwaite)
3. Dykes – get a real job mixx
4. Juice – feed me support me mixx
5. Piss Army – piss piss byue bye mixx
6. Fuck Money – my latest envelope mixx
7. Bitch Addictive – mistress pinky mixx
8. Air Traffic Control – wheres my head out mixx
9. Poke-A-Hot-Ass – assholes are everywhere mixx
10. Me So Horny – sin rehab mixxProduced by Al Jourgensen for Thirteenth Planet
[CLICK HERE for Amazon]   Label: Thirteenth Planet   Cat No: 020286155225
REVCO: Got Cock? Artist: REVCO  (Revolting Cocks)
Album: ¿Got Cock?(13 April 2010)1. Trojan Horse
2. Filthy Senoritas (featuring Mark Thwaite)
3. Dykes
4. Juice
5. Piss Army
6. Fuck Money
7. Bitch Addictive
8. Air Traffic Control
9. Poke-A-Hot-Ass
10. Me So Horny
11. Me So Horny (Remix)Produced by Al Jourgensen for Thirteenth Planet[CLICK HERE for iTunes]       [CLICK HERE for Amazon]  Label: Thirteenth Planet     Catalogue No: B0038QK5W6
Revco: Sex-O-Mixx-O Artist: REVCO  (Revolting Cocks)
Album: ‘Sex-O Mixxx-O’ (29 September 2009)01. HookerBot3000 (tweaker mix) – Remixed by Chris Vrenna of MARILYN MANSON
02. Keys To The City (Invincible mix) – Remixed by Crabbi of Vileevils & POP WILL EAT ITSELF
03. Red Parrot (Juarez Tunnel mix) – Remixed by MEGAJIVE
04. Robo Bandidos (A Chilling Effect mix) – Remixed by Doug Firley of GRAVITY KILLS
05. Cousins (Sexy Problems = Sexy Solutions mix) – Remixed by Clayton Worbeck (REVCO)
06. Touch Screen (Shower Strangulation mix) – Remixed by Luc Van Acker
07. I’m Not Gay (I’m So Gay Club mix) – Remixed by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie of SKINNY PUPPY
08. Abundant Redundancy (Clockworks and Cold Steel mix) – Remixed by Stayte
09. Lewd Ferrigno (Club On mix) – Remixed by Andy LaPlegua of COMBICHRIST
10. Wizard of Sextown (Bisected Banshee mix) – Remixed by Seismologist
11. I’m Not Gay (Prison Ready Mix)
12. Touch Screen (Camperized Cargo Van Mix)
13. Wizard Of Sextown (Redlight District Mix)
14. Abundant Redundancy(Metalmorphosis mix) – remixed by Mark Thwaite of MISSION UK   Produced by Al Jourgensen for Thirteenth Planet    [CLICK HERE to download MGT RevCo remix on iTunes]
[CLICK HERE to download MGT RevCo remix on Amazon]   14: Remix and additional guitars/drum programming/synths by MarkGT. Available as bonus download only track on digital download album on iTunes or download on Thirteenth Planet recordings     Cat No:B002M2Z3DS
Album: ‘The Vanishing Sessions (B-Sides Part I)’Genre: Electronic: Chill out
Release Date: 2009several songs including ‘Scarlet Days’ featuring Mark Thwaite on guitar, Josh Freese on drums, Tony Levin on bass, & Peter Murphy .Label: CDBaby                download link(click here)
ECHOZONE: Correlation CD Artist: VARIOUS ARTISTS (inc. Mob Research, Dead Guitars & Akanoid)
Album: ‘CORRELATION’ (March 2010)CD: 1
11. Mob Research – Wambulance (featuring Mark Thwaite)
13. Dead Guitars – Pristine (Edit- lead guitar Mark Thwaite)CD: 2
13. Akanoid – Unbreak Me (Metamorphosis Remix by Mark Thwaite)Label: Echozone (Germany)   Catalogue Number: B003BJX8BK
Amazon link (click here)
skd Artist: TRICKY
Album: ‘KNOWLE WEST BOY’ (July 2008)1. Puppy Boy
2. Bacative
3. Joseph
4. Veronika
5. C’mon Baby
6. Council Estate
7. Past Mistake
8. Coalition
9. Cross To Bear
10. Slow
11. Baligaga
12. Far Away
13. School GatesMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on various songs
Label: Domino records (UK/Europe)
Catalogue Number: WIGCD195    AMAZON DOWNLOAD / CD LINK
Album: ‘Live MMVII ’  : May 2007CD#1    1. Hdshrinkerea [Live] 05:57
2. Hands across the ocean [Live] 03:19
3. Like a child again [Live] 03:58
4. Dumb [Live] 04:59
5. Severina [Live] 04:26
6. Fabienne [Live] 03:22
7. Keep it in the family [Live] 04:12
8. Afterglow [Live] 06:30
9. Blush [Live] 03:36
10. Butterfly on a wheel [Live] 05:55
11. Absolution [Live] 04:41
12. Naked and savage [Live] 04:35CD#2   1. Evangeline [Live] 04:25
2. Grotesque [Live] 08:39
3. Serpents kiss [Live] 04:15
4. Wasteland [Live] 06:25
5. Beyond the pale [Live] 06:05
6. Deliverance [Live] 07:24
7 Tower of strength [Live] 10:39MarkGT Performed/recorded as live guitarist     Label: Concert Live (UK)
Catalogue number: MMVII (Europe)
Dead Guitars - Flags Artist: DEAD GUITARS
Album: ‘FLAGS’ (November 2008)Track 01: ‘PristineMarkGT Performed/recorded lead guitars and signature hook on ‘Pristine’ (track 1)                      Label: Echozone (Germany)
Catalogue Number: BM08C213        Amazon download link(click here)
uus Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: ‘GOD IS A BULLET ’  : APRIL 2007 (Europe), JULY 2007 (USA)1. Still Deep Waters
2. Keep It In The Family [click for video]
3. Belladonna
4. To Love And To Kill With The Very Same Hand
5. Aquarius & Gemini
6. Blush
7. Chinese Burn
8. Father
9. Hdshrinkerea
10.Draped In Red
11.Running With Scissors
12.In Silhouette
15.Grotesquebonus tracks (USA edition):
17.Chelsea Blue
18.ThineMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on various tracks and co-wrote 3/4/9/13/16      Label: SPV Oblivion(Europe), Cooking Vinyl(UK & USA)
Catalogue number: SPV 67092 CD (europe) – CV CKV-CD-3312 (usa)
[CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Keep It In The Family Artist: THE MISSION:
Single: ‘Keep it in the Family’ (March 2007)1. Keep It In The Family *[click for video]
2. Whetherman
3. Refugee*
4. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore Anyhow
5. Keep it in the family * (edit)MarkGT  Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote songs (except *)         Label:  SPV 67103 CD-EP (Europe)
Mission: Blush EP Artist: THE MISSION:
Single/EP: ‘Blush’
Original Release Date: 14 Sep 20071. Blush *
2. Chelsea Blue
3. Thine *
4. Blush ReModel
5. Acoustic BlushMarkGT  Performed/recorded as guitarist on *Label: Oblivion (SPV GmBh)
ASIN: B001YJXHQU       [CLICK HERE] for Amazon
LICKY: Mista Big Spenda EP Artist: LICKY
Album: ‘MISTA BIG SPENDA EP ’ (2004)Track: ‘Goth Girls Give Good Head’ (Metalmorphosis remix by MGT)MarkGT Performed/recorded lead guitars, new drum programming and bass guitar/synths and remixed/produced. Also known as ‘New Disease’ remix.Label: Something to Listen To (UK)“The biggest surprise on the CD is the powerful electric guitar riff thrown into the Goth Girls Remix (the uncontested best song on the entire CD)”GOTH GIRLS REMIX YOUTUBE VIDEO [click here]                       YAHOO MUSIC EP DOWNLOAD LINK [click here]
Artist: NEW DISEASEMETAL HAMMER: RAZOR VOL.4 April 2004 (featuring New Disease)Metal Hammer limited edition Compilation CD featuring Amen, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory and New Disease – released April 20044. Song of One WordTrack mixed and produced by David Bottrill at Strongroom Studios, London  Label: Future publishing
Format: CD         Cat no: MHR 126/05/04[only available with MH magazine]
Artist: NEW DISEASE‘LIKE RAIN’ (MAY 2004)Formats: CD/MP3/limited edition 7″ vinyl1. Like Rain
2. Dirty Blood (feat. Angela Murrell)1 mixed and produced by David Bottrill at Strongroom Studios, London – mastered by Tony Gillis at the Hit Factory NYC2. mixed by Mark Gemini Thwaite for New Disease, produced by David Bottrill at Keenlogic studios London

Label: Universal/Mainstation
Catalogue nos: CD: MAINSTCD001  7”: MAINST001[CLICK HERE TO BUY]
sw Artist: NEW DISEASE‘AXIOMATIC’ EP (MAY 2003)1. In Vitro
2. Song of One Word
3. Hold On (Here Comes the Sun)
4. Paperchains
5. Sayonara
Plus: Hold On – live video (mpeg)Mixed and produced by John Fryer & Mark Gemini Thwaite for New Disease at Universal Studios and Keenlogic studios London      Label: Changes One
Format: Enhanced CD  Catalogue no: CHANGESCD019[CLICK HERE]
Artist: GARY NUMANHybrid‘ remix album and special edition ‘Mutate’ 3xCD – (February 2003)This wreckage (ND remix)
Are Friends Electric? (ND remix)

Guitars, keyboards and drum programming on tracks by Mark Gemini Thwaite  for New Disease.
Additional programming and editing on ‘Are friends electric’ by Eden.Mixed and produced by Mark Gemini Thwaite & Gary Numan for New Disease.    Catalogue Number: JHCD005
Label: Jagged Halo / Universal records        [CLICK HERE TO BUY]
Artist: TRICKY
Album: ‘VULNERABLE’ (May 2003)


  1. Stay *
  2. Antimatter *
  3. Ice Pick *
  4. Car Crash
  5. Dear God *
  6. How High
  7. What Is Wrong
  8. Hollow
  9. Moody *
  10. Wait For God
  11. Where I’m From *
  12. The Love Cats *
  13. Search Survive *

MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on various tracks(*) on album [click here for credits]
Label: Anti/Durban Poison / Epitaph Europe, Sanctuary (North America)
Catalogue Number: 6686-2     AMAZON download / CD link [click here]

Antimatter Artist: TRICKY
Single: ‘ANTIMATTER’ (May 2003)Antimatter 2:59
Antimatter (Ragga Remix) 3:31
Antimatter (Jimmy & T Remix) 2:53
Antimatter (Ollie Remix) 5:57
AntimatterMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on original recording (click for credits)
Label: Anti/Durban Poison / Epitaph Europe, Sanctuary (North America)
Catalogue Number: LC 02576
Single: ‘Shine Like The Stars’ (March 2002)1. Shine Like the Stars [click for video]
2. Don’t Let me Down Again
3. Sorry *MarkGT  Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on single except * Label:  Playground PGNDCD003 / XIII BIS
Artist: GARY NUMANRip‘ single CD2 – (June 2002)1. Rip
2. This wreckage (New Disease/MGT remix)
3. Are Friends Electric? (New Disease/MGT remix)Guitars, keyboards and drum programming on 2-3 by Mark Gemini Thwaite  for New Disease.Additional programming and editing on ‘Are friends electric’ by Eden.2-3 Mixed and produced by Mark Gemini Thwaite & Gary Numan for New Disease.   Catalogue Number: JHCDSX1
Label: Jagged Halo / Universal records      [CLICK HERE TO BUY]
Single: ‘Evangeline’ – Playground/ XIII BIS (October 2001)1. Evangeline [click for video]
2. Anyone But You
3. Melt
4. Swoon (Reprise)MarkGT  Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on single    Label:  Playground PGNDCD001 / XIII BIS 5500882  pm519
uus Artist: THE MISSION:
Album: ‘AURAL DELIGHT’  (October 2002)1. Amelia
2. Even You May Shine
3. Spider and The Fly (In the Ointment)
4. Sorry…
5. Anyone But You
6. Never Let Me Down
7. Never Again
8. Melt
9. Mesmerised (Reprise)
11.Dragonfly [Demo Version]
12.Can’t Help Falling in Love With YouMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on various tracks
Label: SPV Oblivion(Europe), Playground (UK)
Cat number: Playground PGNDCD004    [CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Album: ‘AURA’  (November 2001)1. Evangeline [click for video]
2. Shine Like the Stars [click for video]
3. (Slave to) Lust
4. Mesmerised
5. Lay Your Hands on Me
6. Dragonfly
7. Happy
8. To Die by Your Hand
9. Trophy
10.It Never Rains…
11.The Light That Pours From You
14.In DenialMarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote various tracks on album  Label: SPV (Germany), XIII BIS (France), Playground (UK)
Catalogue no: Playground PGNDCD-002 / SPV 088-62760 CD / XIII BIS 5367122    [CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Artist: TRICKY
Album: ‘BLOWBACK’ (June 2001)


  1. Excess *
  2. Evolution Revolution Love
  3. Over Me *
  4. Girls *
  5. You Don’t Wanna #1 Da Woman
  6. Your Name *
  7. Diss Never (Dig Up We History) *
  8. Bury The Evidence *
  9. Something in the Way *
  10. Five Days
  11. Give it to ‘em *
  12. A Song For Yukiko

MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on 8 tracks(*) on album (click here for credits) Label: Hollywood Records (North America), Anti/Durban Poison / Epitaph Europe       Catalogue Number: 6596-2
AMAZON download / CD link [click here]

Album: ‘EVER AFTER:LIVE’ (August 2000)1. Intro
2. Beyond the Pale
3. Hands Across the Ocean
4. Into the Blue
5. Butterfly on a Wheel
6. Raising Cain
7. Heaven Knows
8. Sway
9. Sacrilege
11.Tower of Strength
13.Like a Child Again
14.Can’t Help Falling in Love
15.Like a Hurricane
17.Crazy Horses (1992 flexi-disc fan club recording) Live album – MarkGT performed on all tracks  Label: TROJAN / RECEIVER
Catalogue number: RRCD-294-Z -UK / RRCD-294-Z –EXPORT   [CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Album: AUSTIN POWERS 2 SOUNDTRACK : ‘The Spy who shagged me’   (May 1999)Track:  ‘Alright’ – The Lucy Nation (click here)MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on ‘’Alright’ byThe Lucy Nation (track 10)   Label: Warner /Maverick
ASIN: B00000IYMI   Cat No: 9362473482      Amazon download link
Lucy Nation Artist: THE LUCY NATION
Album: ‘ON’ (May 2000)1. Alright (click to listen)
2. Covered (click to listen)
3. Second Song
4. Over and Over
5. Soulmate
6. Fell from the Stars
7. Lucky
8. If I Only Knew
9. Sleeping
10. Clear Blue
11. Bed of SnowMarkGT performed/recorded as guitarist on many of the songs on this album by the Lucy Nation prior to their departure from Maverick records. Included ‘Alright’, featured on the Austin Powers II soundtrack. Recorded and produced in 1999 at Hook End Studios in Berkshire, England. Produced by Marius De Vries (Massive Attack, Madonna, Bjork). Album only released on WEA promo CD to date.    Audio CD (May 30, 2000)
Label: Warner Bros / Maverick Catalog No: 47340  ASIN: B00000JQZE
Amazon link (click here)             ZapTunes album download [click here]
Album: ‘Blame Everyone’  released in USA (Nov 2000)Track: ‘Rock the House’  MarkGT Performed/recorded as lead guitarist on ‘Rock the House’.   Label: WEA/London/Sire – Northeast One Stop
ASIN: B000057DCE       Catalogue Number: 64344311412
Amazon download link (click here)
Artist: TRICKY
CD Maxi Single: ‘Mission Accomplished’ – EP November 2000


  1. Mission Accomplished
  2. Crazy Claws
  3. Tricky Vs. Lynx – (live)
  4. Divine Comedy

 MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on ’Crazy Claws’ & ‘‘Tricky vs. Lynx’

Label: Anti/Durban Poison / Epitaph Europe
ASIN: B0000584TX       Catalogue Number: IMP865952

Artist: METHOD MAN  (TRICKY remix)CD Single: ‘Judgement Day Remixes’   : 1999‘Tricky remix’ / ‘Roni Size remix’ / ‘Super Jupiter remix’ / ‘Roni Size dub remix’MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on Tricky’s remix of ‘Judgement Day’.  Label: Def Jam
ASIN: B00004WQDD       Catalogue Number: 5667422
CD Single: ‘Coming Home’ – (1996)1. Coming Home [click for video]
2. Perfect Sunrise
3. Coming Home (Godlike Version)MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote all tracks on single     Label:  SONY/Dragnet  June 1996
Catalogue Number:  CD5  Dragnet137
Album: ‘BLUE’ (June 1996)    Re-released in expanded edition: (March 2011)1. Coming Home [click for video]
2. Get Back To You
3. Drown In Blue
4. Damaged
5. More Than This
6. That Tears Shall Drown The Wind
7. Black & Blue
8. Bang Bang
9. Alpha Man
11.Dying Room
12.Evermore & Again
Bonus Tracks (2011 edition):
13. Perfect Sunrise
14. Coming Home (Godlike version)MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote all tracks on album . European copies are released on SONY/Dragnet with code DRA133
Catalogue number:  CD SMEECD002 / SMEELP002 / SMEEMC002   001 (Double Gatefold) / CS SMEEMC001
Label 2011: Edsel records Cat no: EDSD 1046[CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Artist: THE MISSION (various Artists):
Album: ‘GOTHIC ROCK 2’  : various artists – 1995The Mission : ‘Raising Cain’ 1995 single editMarkGT performed/recorded on ‘Raising Cain’.Label: Jungle records UK / Cleopatra USA
Catalogue number: FREUD 051
CD Promo: LIVE EP1. Heaven Knows [click for video]
2. Sway [click for video]
3. Swoon [click for video]
4. Raising CainRecorded live on the Neverland tour in Dusseldorf, Germany 1995. Audio taken from German TV broadcast. Promotional release, only released in mainland Europe. MarkGT Performed/recorded  as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on EP              Label:  SONY/Dragnet  May 1995
Catalogue Number:  CD5  Dragnet103    12-002955-14
mish-lose-myself-cd Artist: THE MISSION:
Single: ‘Lose myself in you’ (1995)1. Lose Myself In You (Radio Edit)
2. Instant Karma
3. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
4. Lose Myself In You(Album version)[CLICK HERE] for ‘Lose Myself in You’ promo video  MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on all tracks and co-wrote ‘Lose myself in you’  Label: SONY/Dragnet   Mar 1995  Cat no: CD5   Dragnet 81
Single: ‘Afterglow’ – Vertigo  1994


  • 7″ MYTH 16 Afterglow (7″ Edit Olympic Mix) / Sour-Puss(Glamour Puss Mix)
  • 12″ MYTHX 16 Afterglow (Full Length Olympic Mix) / Cold As Ice / Valentine / Sour-Puss (Glamour Puss Mix)
  • CD5 MYTCD 16 Afterglow (7″ Edit Olympic Mix) / Sour-Puss(Glamour Puss Mix) / Cold As Ice / Valentine
  • CD5 MYTCX 16 Afterglow (Full Length Olympic Mix)/Afterglow(Reso Central Mix) / Afterglow (San Marino Score Against England in 7 seconds Mix) / Afterglow (Snow On The Ground Mix)

[CLICK HERE] for video Afterglow Olympic mix 

MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on single

Label:  VERTIGO (Phonogram)

Single: ‘The Mission : 1’ EP – 1994


  • 7″  HOOKS 001  Raising Cain/Sway/Neverland
  • 12″  HOOKT 001  Raising Cain/Sway/Neverland
  • CD5  HOOKCD001  Raising Cain/Sway/Neverland
  • Tape   HOOKMC001  Raising Cain/Sway/Neverland

[CLICK HERE] for Raising Cain promo video

MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on single

Label: Equator/SONY Dragnet  October 1994   No.11 UK Indie Chart

Single: ‘Swoon’ – 1995


  • 7″ HOOK S002 Swoon (Full Balloon Edit) / Whore / Wasting Away
  • CD5 HOOKCD002 Swoon (Full Balloon Edit) / Whore / Wasting Away / Swoon Resurrection Mix)
  • CD5 HOOKCDR002 Swoon (Over The Moon Edit) / Swoon(Over The Moon Mix) / Swoon (Bubble Wrap Mix) / Swoon (Full Balloon Mix)
  • 10″ HOOK X002 Swoon (Full Balloon Edit) / Whore / Wasting Away / Swoon (Resurrection Mix)
  • CD5 DRA 70 (European version of HOOKCD002)

[CLICK HERE] for Swoon promo video

MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on single

Label: Equator/SONY Dragnet  January 1995  No.8 UK Indie Chart

Album: ‘NEVERLAND’ (February 1995)
Re-released as 2xCD expanded edition ‘Neverland PLUS‘: (March2011)CD1:   1. Raising Cain [click for video]
2. Sway
3. Lose Myself In You  [click for video]
4. Swoon [click for video]
5. Afterglow (Reprise)
6. Stars Don’t Shine Without You
7. Celebration
8. Cry Like A Baby
9. Heaven Knows
10. Swim With The Dolphins
11.Neverland (Vocal)
12.Daddy’s Going To Heaven Now
13.Bates Motel (secret track)CD2 (March 2011):
13 Raising Cain [Cd Single Edit]
14 Neverland [Instrumental]
15 Swoon [Full Balloon Edit]
16 Whore
17 Wasting Away
18 Swoon [Reserection Mix]
19 Swoon [Over The Moon Edit]
20 Swoon [Over The Moon Mix]
21 Swoon [Bubble Wrap Mix]
22 Swoon [Full Balloon Mix]
23 Lose Myself In You [Radio Edit]
24 Instant Karma (single B side)
25 Pictures Of Matchstick Men (single B side)MarkGT Performed/recorded  as guitarist and co-wrote tracks on album
European copies are released on SONY/Dragnet with code DRA 478318-2
Label 1995: EQUATOR / SONY DRAGNET SMEELP001 (Double Gatefold) / CS SMEEMC001 Label 2011: Edsel records Cat no: EDSD 2092   [CLICK HERE] for Amazon link
Album: ‘SUM AND SUBSTANCE’ ( January 1994)1. Wasteland 5:37
2. Severina 4:02
3. Stay With Me 4:36
4. Tower of Strength
5. Beyond The Pale 8:51
6. Butterfly On A Wheel 5:43
7. Deliverance 6:06
8. Into The Blue 4:48
9. Amelia 2:53
10. Hands Across The Ocean 3:50
11. Never Again 5:06
12. Shades Of Green 4:00
13. Like A Child Again 3:40
14. Sour Puss 3:32 *
15. Afterglow * [click for video]      * MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on 2 recordings and co-writer credit on: ‘Sour-Puss’  & ‘Afterglow’  Label: VERTIGO  (Phonogram) Cat no: CD 518 447-2 / CS 518 447-4 / LP 518 447-4  Amazon download link
SOD’s Law (1992)Sods Law 1997SOD’s Law (1997 reissue) Artist: SPEAR OF DESTINY
Album: ‘SOD’S LAW’  (CD – Vinyl) – 1992 (re-released w.bonus tracks 1997)1. Goldmine
2. Into the rising sun
3. Black country girl
4. Bull comes down
5. Slow me down
6. Takin’ care of business
7. In the city
8. Babylon talking
9. Crystalize
10.Killing ground
11.Captain America
12.Chemical head (bonus track 1997)
13.Paradise (bonus track 1997)
14.Burn out (bonus track 1997)Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London, Produced by Zeus B Held, Engineered by Philip Bagenal. Except track 8, Recorded & Mastered at Glasstank, London, Produced by Terry Razor, Track 8 Engineered by Martin Christy. MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on all tracks (and bassist on various).Labels: Burning Rome (1992) / Original Masters (1997)            ASIN: B00002480T
Cat No: BRRCD011  (1992) / SMM CD 512 (1997)    Buy on Amazon
SOD Black Country Girl Artist: SPEAR OF DESTINY
12″ Single: ‘Black Country Girl’/Babylon’s Talking’ (1992)1. Black Country Girl
2. Babylon TalkingRecorded at Eastcote Studios, London, Produced by Zeus B Held, Engineered by Philip Bagenal.Track 2. Recorded & Mastered at Glasstank, London, Mixed by Martin Christy
MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist and bassist.Label: Burning Rome  / distribution by A.P.T.      Catalogue Number: BRRCDs47
Album: ‘The best of Spear of Destiny’ – 1998 (2 X cd set)Includes: ‘Goldmine’ / ‘Black Country Girl’ / ‘Babylon Talking’ / ‘Paradise’MarkGT performed/recorded as guitarist on selected tracks.Label: Snapper Music / Recall records  – 2 CD        Cat No: SMDCD 146
Album: ‘ACT4 – THE SESSIONS/Live at Astoria 1991 (2 CD pack) – released 1998Disc 2 : Live at the Astoria 91


  1. 63
  2. These days are gone
  3. The wake
  4. Enola Gay
  5. Taking care of business
  6. Young men
  7. Westworld
  8. Incinerator
  9. I can see
  10. Liberator
  11. Mickey
  12. Legion

MarkGT performed as guitarist on disc 2 : TOH Live at the Astoria 1991.

Label: Eastworld recordngs/ Plastic Head
B000027533          Catalogue Number: TOH004DCD

Odds & Sods Artist: SPEAR OF DESTINY
Album: ‘SODS and ODDS’ – (2006)24-7
Killing Ground
After The Fire
Sex Slave
Sex Slave (acoustic)
Goldmine *
Taking Care of Business *
At Her Majesty’s Request* MarkGT performed as guitarist on ‘Goldmine’ & ‘Taking Care of Business’ Label: Easterstone  ASIN: B000G73TXC  Cat No: ESRC026
Single: ‘Salvation’/ ‘The Hunger the heat (Motorcity mix)’   1992(Also promo 12” single ‘The Hunger the heat – Motorcity mix’ / ‘Dub mix’ – catalogue TPC1)MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on ‘The Hunger the Heat (Motorcity mix)’Label: Situation 2 Beggars Banquet
Catalogue Number: SIT 98 CD       Amazon link (click here)
Roger Daltrey Artist: ROGER DALTREY
BBC Radio: ‘A Fake’s Progress’ – 1991Thwaite collaborated with Roger Daltrey of The Who on a BBC radio play titled A Fake’s Progress, based on the life of Twiggy’s manager Justin de Villeneuve. Broadcast on BBC radio in 1991. MGT recorded lead guitars. Various songs including ‘Run Johnny Run’.      Label: BBC Radio
12” Single: ‘Never get out alive’/’Broken Wing’/’Nightland’ – 1990Offshoot band formed by Dave Roberts of Sex Gang Children. MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on all tracks Label: IM records     Catalogue Number: IM/1/12
Risk in a nightmare world Artist: THE CHILDREN / Various Artists
Album: ‘RISK IN A NIGHTMARE WORLD’ : compilation – various artists  (1991)The Children: ‘Never get out alive’
The Children: ‘Elektra’MarkGT Performed/recorded as guitarist on ‘Never get out alive’ & ’Elektra’    Label: Sitting Pretty Music    Catalogue Number: SPMCD1
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