“Mark Gemini Thwaite is a man who should need no introduction, given the breadth of artists and musical styles he’s made his indelible mark in. Lending his skills as a composer and guitarist to the likes of goth/rockers like The Mission and Peter Murphy, classic rock & rollers like Thin Lizzy’s Ricky Warwick and The Who’s Roger Daltrey, and well known in industrial circles for his collaborations in Primitive Race, Revolting Cocks, and Gary Numan” REGEN magazine

Mark Gemini Thwaite (aka MGT) was born in Birmingham UK and has been the guitarist for a number of British rock bands and artists over the last two decades, including The Mission, Tricky, Peter Murphy, New Disease, Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate, Mob Research (with Paul Raven of Killing Joke), and Canadian band National Velvet plus various live and recorded appearances with Al Jourgensen, Revolting Cocks, Gary Numan, Roger Daltrey, P.J. Harvey, Alanis Morissette, Combichrist, Primitive Race, Ricky Warwick and The Fighting Hearts, Black Star Riders, Ginger of The Wildhearts, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff, Ashton Nyte of The Awakening, Franz Treichler of The Young Gods and Ville Valo of Finnish band HIM.

MGT Schecter summer 2013enh2

In 2016 MGT announced that he had signed with Hanover record imprint SPV records and released his first solo album, “Volumes” under his MGT acronym. The lead single, “Knowing Me Knowing You”, a cover version of the ABBA classic featuring guest vocalist Ville Valo of HIM, was released in April 2016, mixed by Tim Palmer (HIM/Pearl Jam). The promotional video featuring both MGT & Valo has since received over 1.8 million+ views on YouTube and counting, plus over 250K plays on Spotify.

Valo was not the only guest musician on “Volumes”, other appearances included Wayne Hussey of Mark’s previous band The Mission, Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff, Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy), Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM), Saffron (Republica), Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Ashton Nyte (The Awakening), Carlo Van Putten (Dead Guitars) and goth legend Andi Sex Gang

“Mark is a friend, and the stars were aligned… it was the right song at the right time”Ville Valo
MGT: “I’d had an inspiration to record a dark and brooding version of ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ a few years ago.. the solo album was in the works during last summer, so I recorded the music for it, lovingly reconstructing the parts and melodies based on the ABBA version, and then sent the completed music demo to Ville, who came back with his fantastic vocals, perfect for the song..”

MGT solo album banner 07mar including

“You will find the who is who of goth rock on ‘Volumes’ – From Ville Valo to Wayne Hussey, Julianne Regan and Andi Sex Gang. Thwaite does what he’s doing best, playing guitar and watching the songs. It’s marvelous that even though so many singers joined, the result is a homogeneous debut solo album” SONIC SEDUCER MAGAZINE

“Real songs (and no guitar orgies) really deliver on diversity and bandwidth… again, with so much original talent and so many famous friends, you can’t do a lot wrong” CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE MGT Volumes review

MGT & Ashton Nyte - Wave Gotik Treffen June 2017

MGT & Ashton Nyte – Wave Gotik Treffen June 2017


“In Ashton Nyte of South African band The Awakening I believe Mark Gemini Thwaite has his ideal singer. A man with a voice that is equal parts Andrew Eldritch and his old bandmate Wayne Hussey” UBERROCK.CO.UK

IN June 2017 MGT & Friends performed at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig Germany and Proud in Camden, London UK.. WGT is the worlds premier goth/ebm/industrial festival. Headline acts at WGT this year included Mark’s former band The Mission, Skinny Puppy, VNV Nation & Sex Gang Children, plus many more.. ‘MGT ‘s live band featured songwriting collaborator and frontman ASHTON NYTE and performed songs from ‘Volumes’ CD plus other surprises from MGT’s back catalogue, including The Mission.. most importantly the band played several new songs from the forthcoming ‘Gemini Nyte’ album, all co-written with vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Nyte, who has released 7 stylistically diverse solo albums, as well as 8 albums as The Awakening, who recently completed a European tour with The Mission. The MGT band’s sophomore album ‘Gemini Nyte’ is slated for a late 2017 release.

“The Awakening front man Ashton Nyte appears on two of the album’s more instantly fetching songs, as “The Reaping” and “Jesamine” bear a particularly urgency in the rhythms, the energetic guitars, and catchy chorus melodies” REGEN MAGAZINE ‘Volumes’

“Contender for my album of the year. Each track on this album is a highlight.. I like when artists can show influences without directly copying them and Mark Thwaite does this in 14 different ways on this album”

“MGT has out done himself.. It’s been a long wait for a solo album from this guitar player & it’s well worth it.. A real mix of pop sensibilities brewed with Goth fusion. The guest vocalists are a perfect pick…An absolute masterstroke” 8.5/10

“Mark’s musical talents shine through so well on ‘Volumes’. He was always an asset to the bands he played in, but what I love here is how cohesive the sound is. The vocalists come from a wide variety of backgrounds and mix up so many singing styles. But with Mark as the constant driving force, the album works brilliantly” Ian Camfield AltAZ 93.3 radio / XS Manchester / XFM London

“Unlike many solo guitar releases, there’s an emphasis on songcraft over flashy solos, with Thwaite’s session musician chops offering a versatile, multi-faceted sound throughout” 4/5 (MGT Volumes review)

“MGT fashions a highly listenable and quite captivating collection of songs that draws more on his strengths not just as a guitarist but as a composer. In short, Volumes is quite an excellent album indeed” REGEN magazine

“Under the name MGT, with over 30 years and 20 albums to his credit, the currently US-based Thwaite will not slow down.. He’s still thriving in a groove of constant craft, just as he was during his formative years in Birmingham”… review

“Often, guitarists’ albums are little more than an excuse for furious guitar tirades, most often at the expense of the song itself. In this case, though, Mark’s restraint has let him produce a pretty decent album full of good tracks. Definitely worth a listen” review

“‘Volumes’ is a very surprising album, each song shines with its special charm, sometimes powerful, sometimes soft, but always wonderful”

“Mark Thwaite scrawls his stylistic sonic signatures over every track. Speaking of signature, Mark has just announced the release of both his own signature pedal (Pro Tone Pedals MGT Chorus) and axe (Schecter MGT Signature Solo-II) in the wake of his aptly entitled first solo album Volumes” Tone Report Weekly


MGT 'Gemini Nyte'

[Click here] for Mark Gemini Thwaite full biography on Wikipedia.



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