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“It’s Always Christmas Time” -a collaborative carol from Al Jourgensen (Ministry, RevCo) and Mark Thwaite (The Mission, Peter Murphy, Mob Research) -will have its Exclusive World Debut on The Mancow Show (USA) on November 6, 2009.

Scheduled for broadcast at 8:35 AM CST, the track was originally streamed via the official Ministry MySpace page as a memorial to friend and band mate Paul Raven (Ministry, Killing Joke, Mob Research) on the two-year anniversary of his passing in 2007. Through their friendship with Raven, both Jourgensen and Thwaite met and began working on this project together.

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The first fruit of their labors, “It’s Always Christmas Time” is a tribute to the life and work of Paul Raven, and received in excess of 5000 plays during its 24- hour stream on MySpace. Of the collaboration with Jourgensen, guitarist MarkGT offers, “Recently, Al invited me to the 13th Planet compound to record guitars on some of the new RevCo material Al’s producing. He then invited me to collaborate on his first ever ‘solo’ project, which is surprisingly radio friendly. It feels like home for me as Raven was a close mutual friend of ours – and we both feel his spirit smiling down on our union!”

Jourgensen joins Mancow live during the premiere of “It’s Always Christmas Time,” taking calls during the live broadcast and adding his irascible charm to the hit radio show. A Special Limited Edition hand-numbered and autographed cd of “It’s Always Christmas Time” will be available exclusively through the 13th Planet web-store, with a digital version will be available for download the week of November 15th.

[CLICK HERE to download MP3 single on iTunes]
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MGT also brings his remix skills to RevCo’s upcoming “Sex-O MiXXX-O” on ‘Abundant Redundancy (Dambuster Metalmorphosis Mix)’ to be released digital only as a bonus supplement to the physical release. Thwaite’s previous remix credits include Gary Numan, Methodman and Licky to name a few. To download the remix  [CLICK HERE to download MGT RevCo remix on Amazon]

Also check out these new interviews with Al Jourgensen in LA Weekly (click here) and ROCK BAND zine (click here) where he discusses his future solo plans and his ongoing collaboration with MarkGT:

Al Jourgensen: “I’m working on a solo record right now, which is not metal at all. I’m working on it with Mark Thwaite from Mission U.K. He’s playing guitar with Peter Murphy right now. Me and him are doing my solo record and it’s really poppy stuff. We’re having fun with it. I’m really happy with it. Mark just left today. He went to LA because he has to go on tour with Peter Murphy. He’ll be back in November and then we start on it again. We have one song done that’s a Christmas song. It’s really uplifting, Merry Christmas to everyone, you fuckers. It’s good. As a matter of fact, that’s going to be released on iTunes on December 1. Ministry’s first Christmas song”..

(click here for full interview)