MarkGT joined THE MISSION in 1992, replacing Simon Hinkler who left the band two years before. MGT appeared on 5 albums (Neverland, Blue, EverAfter, Aura & Aural Delight) before parting ways with the band in 2001. Mark later returned in 2005 to help promote the ‘Lighting the Candles’ DVD on tours of UK and Europe, rejoining the band full time, and subsequently recorded guitars and co-wrote material on new album ‘God is a bullet’ (2007). The band performed their farewell shows in 2008, with MGT on guitar.


MarkGT was guitarist for TRICKY (ex-Massive Attack) between 1998-2007, touring and performing live, also recording guitars on ‘Mission Accomplished EP (2000), ‘Blowback’ (2001), and ‘Vulnerable’ (2003), plus appearances on Tricky’s new album ‘Knowle West Boy’ (2008).. plus collaborations with ALANIS MORRISETTE, METHODMAN, TOOL and members of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (see below).CLICK HERE FOR TRICKY PAGE


MarkGT teamed up with legendary BAUHAUS vocalist PETER MURPHY in 2005 on his North American tour, also the UK and European tour to promote his solo album ‘Unshattered’. MGT rejoined the Peter Murphy band for more shows in winter 2007, and then the US ‘Retrospective’ tour in summer of 2008. Murphy and MGT have also collaborated on new album ‘Ninth’ released in 2011. The album was well received by fans and the critics. A followe up EP ‘Secret Bees of Ninth was also released featuring more compositions by Murphy & MGT. Murphy also toured the Bauhaus back catalogue in 2013 with a 100% Bauhaus tour with MGT on guitar. It was listed in top 50 US tours by Pollstar. A live DVD from the Los Angeles show was filmed and is intended for future release.CLICK HERE FOR PETER MURPHY PAGE


“It’s Always Christmas Time” (released on 13th Planet records in Nov 2009) is a tribute to the life and work of the late Paul Raven. Of the collaboration with Jourgensen, guitarist MarkGT offers, “Al invited me to the 13th Planet compound to record guitars on some of the new RevCo material Al’s producing. He then invited me to collaborate on his first ever ‘solo’ project, which is surprisingly radio friendly. It feels like home for me as Raven was a close mutual friend of ours – and we both feel his spirit smiling down on our union!”. MGT also collaborated on ‘Voices in My Head’, released as a bonus track on the RevCo ‘Got Cock?’ album.


MGT remixed ‘Abundant Redundancy’ from the ‘Sex-O Olypmic-O’ Revco album (2009) which is featured as a bonus digital download on the Sex-O Mixxx-O’ CD released on 29 September 2009. MGT’s remix includes additional guitars, new drum programming and synths. MGT has also collaborated with Al Jourgensen and RevCo on the forthcoming album ‘Got Cock?’, contribuing lead guitars to new song ‘Filthy Senioritas’. The new album is scheduled for an early 2010 here for the official REVCO page


MOB RESEARCH is the bastard offspring of legendary Killing Joke/Ministry bassist Paul Raven and guitaristMark Gemini Thwaite with legendary Warrior Soul frontman Kory Clarke. Both born and bred in the Midlands UK, Raven and Thwaite first jammed together back in 1989 then went their separate ways, crossing paths occasionally over the years before reuniting in Los Angeles in spring 2007 to form Mob Research. Sadly Paul Raven passed away in his sleep in late 2007 at age 46 from a heart attack, leaving Thwaite and Clarke to complete vocals and overdubs on 10 songs. “Holy City Zoo’ was released on 25 May 2009 on Sony Music / Echozone and was executive produced by Thwaite and Tim Palmer (H.I.M/Mission/Ozzy). Click here for Mob Research official website


Mark’s collaboration with Gary Numan in 2002 is included on the ‘Hybrid’ remixes album, released Feb 2003 – featured brand new mixes by Flood, Alan Moulder, Rico, Andy Gray, Sulpher, Curve & New Disease; MGT completely re-recorded an alt-metal version of ‘This Wreckage’ & ‘Are Friends Electric’. MGT performed the music and programming (with help on AFE by Eden) and produced the mix with Numan on behalf of New Disease, with Gary supplying new vocals on both tracks. In 2013 Numan invited MGT to tour USA to help promote forthcoming album ‘Splinter. Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck also guested with MGT at one of the US shows. Click here for official Gary Numan website


“GARY NUMAN heard some of my demos back in late 2001 and he suggested we collaborate on some of them for a side project. This project never materialised but it sowed the seed in my head for starting a new band”, reveals MGT on the auspicious beginnings of NEW DISEASE. After collaborating with Numan in 2002, Mark joined forces with vocalist Lee Bane, ex-Wildhearts drummer Ritch Battersby and bassist Richard Adams (Queen Adreena) to form New Disease… the band signed to Universal records (USA) in 2004…


MGT appeared on Warwick’s 2015 solo album ‘Stairwell Troubadour’ and 2016 album ‘When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)’, and appeared in the promo video for ‘Celebrating Sinking’. The release also included guest appearances by Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Damon Johnson (Thin Lizzy), Andy Cairns (Therapy?), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol), Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), Ginger Wildheart, Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Richard Fortus (Guns n’ Roses). Thwaite also toured with The Fighting Hearts in 2016.


Primitive Race announced the release of their first E.P. “Long In The Tooth” through Metropolis Records summer 2015. The EP featured vocals by Raymond Watts (of PIG) and guitars by Thwaite. This was followed by the full length album ‘Primitive Race’ also on Metropolis records released August 2015, featuring Thwaite on many of the tracks, including collaborations with Tommy Victor of US metal band Prong, Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), Josh Bradford of Revolting Cocks, Andi  of Sex Gang Children and Graham Crabb of Pop Will Eat Itself). In 2017 a sophomore album is announced for release in Novomber 2017 featuring vocalist Chuck Mosley (ex Faith No More), Dale Crover (Melvins) on drums,  Erie Loch (Wiccid) on keys and Thwaite on all guitars, with executive production by Chris Kniker and Joe Haze.


MGT recorded lead guitars on ‘Rock the House‘, featured on Grand Theft Audio’s debut album ‘Blame Everyone‘. The band featured Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red), Ritch Battersby (The Wildhearts/New Disease), Jay Butler (RealTV) and Ralph Jezzard (EMF/Wildhearts producer).  The album was released in the USA in October 2000. The band broke up in 2003, GTA tracks have featured in various movies including The Hulk and Dude Where’s My Car.


Recorded debut album with Mission/All About Eve bassist Andy Cousin’s new studio project The Lucy Nation during 1998 – featuring Swedish artist Anna Nystrom on vocals and MGT on guitar for most of the tracks. Single ‘Alright’ featured on ‘Austin Powers 2 : The Spy Who Shagged Me’ soundtrack on Maverick. The debut Lucy nation album was never released and the band subsequently disbanded in 2001.


MarkGT made brief appearance with All About Eve vocalist Julianne Regan‘s new outfit MICE,performing with the band as guitarist alongside ex Mission/All About Eve bassist Andy Cousin at the Phoenix festival July 1996… (plus a secret warm-up gig at The Garage, London, where the band treated AAE fans to performances of early AAE classic ‘Every Angel’ and Ultraviolet album material).

‘Judgement Day’
 remix (2000)

– MGT recorded guitars on JD remix by Tricky
(Def Jam recordings)


Annual Professional Music Technology event in Birmingham UK, featured 30min solo set performance by MGT.Also appearing/performing:
Billy Sheehan (Dave Lee Roth, SteveVai) Stu Hamm, Albert Lee, plus members of Pitchshifter.
Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE (with Tricky band) – live performance ‘Late show with Conan O’Brien‘,Craig Kilbornshows, plus concert performance in San Francisco and Los Angeles (2001).
Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones & Justin Chancellor of US rock band TOOL:collaborative live performance/jams during Tricky/Tool ‘Lateralus’ US arena tour November 2001.


(with Tricky) – live band performances on ‘Late show with David Letterman’(USA) and ‘Later with Jools Holland’ (UK) -1998.

Members of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (ANTHONY KEIDIS, JOHN FRUSCIANTE & FLEA) -recording‘Girls’with Tricky and band for ‘Blowback’ –  released June 2001)


(various studio recordings with Tricky for ‘Blowback’ album sessions in 2000; Collaboration‘Excess’included on album released in June 2001). Also unreleased recording ‘Question’.


BBC FM Radio Recorded several songs for radio play / musical ‘A Fake’s  Progress’ (based on the life of 1960’s supermodel Twiggy’s manager Justin de Villeneuve). Visit VH1.comfor Roger daltrey biography.

LICKY – remixed ‘Goth Girls’ for this New York based duo’s EP release in 2004 (release date TBC) for more infoCheck out ‘Goth Girls’ MGT remix promo video [CLICK HERE]


Joined up with Kirk Brandon in late 1989 for the reformed S.O.D. Recorded lead/rhythm guitars and some bass on ‘Sod’s Law’ album (1992) Burning Rome records. Also toured with S.O.D in 1990 through to 1992 before joining The Mission full-time in October 1992.Spear of Destiny: ‘Babylon Talking’ promo video with MGT [CLICK HERE]


Toured UK in 1991 with 10th anniversary lineup of T.O.H (replacing original live guitarist Billy Duffy of THE CULT); appeared on guitar on live album ‘Act 4′ recorded at London Astoria 1991. See discography for more info.[CLICK HERE] for ACT4 – Live at the Astoria 1991 on Amazon


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