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BPF Remote Viewing EP banner

“Co-produced with seasoned guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite, the BPF Remote Viewing EP is a thirty-minute rhythmic rumination, punctuated by hefty dollops of hard truth” (Vassifer)

Released on 24th August 2018 via the Dead Radio Station record label, we are pleased to confirm this new collaboration on the solo release by Big Paul Ferguson: Official (aka BPF) of post punk legends Killing Joke… with KJ embarking on a 40th anniversary tour in September, drummer “Big Paul” has announced the release of his solo debut EP, titled Remote Viewing, a new collaboration with Mark Gemini Thwaite.   The EP’s seven tracks include guitar, bass, and keyboard contributions from MarkGT, best known for his work with The Mission, Peter Murphy, Tricky, Gary Numan, and his own band MGT;  Ferguson had performed drums on the latest MGT album, Gemini Nyte. Also appearing will be Brainshadow, who mastered the album & performs electric violin on “X-Box.”

“Killing Joke drummer delivers a 9/10 widescreen classic”.. BPF “assembled the finished tracks by fleshing out his pre-recorded loops of rhythms, guitar and keyboards, with the assistance of the multi-instrumentalist Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT)”..  “these songs are superbly produced, and it’s MGT who co-produced the album with Big Paul in Los Angeles”

“Drums rise to meet the fiery guitars of underground veteran Mark Gemini Thwaite, whose presence is felt throughout the EP”… “ fulfills everything the words Big Paul solo release promise”… “With Thwaite adding dark menace behind the curtain, the drums unsurprisingly take center stage”

“Remote Viewing will provide new treasures to listeners years after their introduction to it. An essential addition to the discography of one of underground music’s most innovative minds”

Check out the video teaser below for ‘I Am War”.. “The thundering hooves of “I Am War” arrive to deliver another densely layered exorcism wherein Thwaite unleashes an electrical storm of guitar noise” (

Also check out the video teaser for ‘Reboot’:

BPF Remote Viewing sleeve MGT & BPF

“Incredibly refreshing and unique.. it’s easy to hit play and before you know it you’re at the end. It’s dark and surreal, but it combines that with relaxing, hypnotic vibes that makes it difficult to turn away from. If you like Nine Inch Nails or any kind of melodic industrial music then you have to check it out”

BPF first made its debut with the track “The Great Motivator” on the 7-inch vinyl EP included with special editions of writer/photographer/biographer Mont Sherar’s Twilight of the Mortals book released in 2017 via PC-Press, which also featured MarkGT and is included on the new EP release. Written and recorded by Ferguson & Thwaite at Drum ‘n’ Steel Works in Baltimore, USA & co-produced and mixed by Thwaite at Mob Research laboratories in Los Angeles.. The EP will be released in CD and digital editions and is available for pre-order now via Dead Radio Station 🎧
Check out the Soundcloud teaser on ReGen Magazine here:

Regen magazine BPF

Order via DeadRAdioStation records on CD /Digital [here]

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After After a hiatus of nearly 10 years, the original founder members of NEW DISEASE– the band formed in 2002 by guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and vocalist Jacob Lee Bane – have decided to release the long awaited and to date unreleased New Disease album on CD and digital download.
New Disease 'Patent Life' CD

New Disease ‘Patent Life’ CD

The band – including Queen Adreena bassist Richard Adams and original drummer Ritch Battersby (The Wildhearts) released the Axiomatic EP back in 2003, co-produced by NIN/H.I.M producer John Fryer, and the band received favourable reviews in the British rock press including Kerrang! magazine, Metal Hammer and Rock Sound magazine. This drew the attention of Tool/Muse producer David Bottrill, who negotiated a deal for the band with Universal Records USA and his label imprint “Mainstation Music” in 2004. During this time drummer Ritch Battersby departed the band and was replaced with former One Minute Silence drummer Eddie Stratton.

After signing to Universal records and releasing the single ‘Like Rain’ produced by Bottrill, the band were later dropped by Universal amongst many other bands during a restructure. New Disease never officially disbanded but all plans to release the band’s debut album were placed on indefinite hiatus.. until now.

In June 2014 the band announced on their website and facebook page that after a hiatus of nearly 10 years, founder members MGT & Bane had written new material and planned to release the long awaited album on CD and digital download.

‘Patent Life’ – ten years in the making – is finally mixed, mastered and released via in North America on 11th August 2014. Recorded between 2003-2004 during sessions with producer David Bottrill and John Fryer, and featuring current drummer Eddie Stratton (One Minute Silence), the 15 track album (in CD and digital formats) includes many of their own self recorded sessions, a brand new version of the 2004 single ‘Like Rain’ and an exclusive new 2014 song ‘Plainfield’. Mastered to perfection by Maor Appelbaum, this album is a must have for all fans of New Disease and ‘Anthemic’ & ‘huge stadium rock riffs and electronica’ (Metal Hammer /Kerrang).

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